Social psychology of tourism

  • A.A. 2015/2016
  • CFU 6
  • Ore 36
  • Classe di laurea LM-49
Alessandra Fermani / Professoressa di ruolo - II fascia / Psicologia sociale (M-PSI/05)
Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione, dei Beni Culturali e del Turismo

package Office : Excel and Word (basic)

Obiettivi del corso

The aims of the course are: to develop critical knowledge of the main theoretical paradigms,
of the territorial contexts and of the dynamics of the tourism sector , through the use of the
main methods of quantitative research in Social Psychology (specific application software).

Identify the dynamics related to the team building and to the various types of tourists
(in particular sex tourism motivation and sustainable torurism).

Programma del corso

Presentation of the course and research techniques in Social Psychology
scientific writing
statistical analysis : application on the tourism sector
use of statistical software: application on the tourism sector
team building
types of tourists, sexual tourism and sustainable tourism

Testi (A)dottati, (C)onsigliati
  • 1.  (A) D. G. Myers Social Psychology McGraw-Hill, Milano - USA, 2013 » Pagine/Capitoli: pp. 34-74; 118-148; 306-437
  • 2.  (A) A. Fermani, M. Sehdev, O. Motuzenko THE PRO LOCO ITALIAN VOLUNTEERS INVOLVED IN THE PROMOTION OF TOURIST EVENTS Tourismos, vol 8, n.2 ,, 2013 » Pagine/Capitoli: 215-232
Altre informazioni / materiali aggiuntivi

free article online.

Metodi didattici
  • frontal lesson
    work in small group
    contacts with the territory and guided tours
Modalità di valutazione
  • Oral examination
    Will be considered positively:
    knowledge, learning and understanding (45%);
    knowledge and understanding applied (20%);
    critical and independent judgment (15%);
    specific communication skills (20%).
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Lingue, oltre all'italiano, che si intende utilizzare per la valutazione