• 08 ottobre 2017 Seminars prof. Dolidze : October 20th (10-12AM) and 24th (11-13 AM)




    Visiting at the Dept. of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism

    (first semester 2017-2018)


    Title of the research program:

    “Pervasiveness of the phenomenological method of investigation in the contemporary sciences and arts”.

    Title of the instruction program:

    “Phenomenological approaches to scientific research in the fields of humanistic disciplines and human sciences”.



    The main objective of the instruction program is to show how a phenomenological approach to scientific research is generally able to open minds and promote social innovation.


    Face to face lessons:

    a)      “Tennis as a will and imagination  ( Phenomenology of  Game )” + “Essence  of  Absence  and    Art  of    Skiing”, 2+2 hours of face to face lessons in the course of Social Psychology of Tourism (cl. LM-49/ITOURDEM), held by Prof. Alessandra Fermani (Dept. of Educational Sciences, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Friday, October 20, 2017, at 10,00-12,00 a.m., Informatic Laboratory + Tuesday, October 24, 2017, at 11,00-13,00 a.m., Informatic Laboratory).

    b)      Projection of the theatrical performance “The Lodgers”, written by M. Dolidze, 2 hours, promoted by the teachers of the following disciplines: Urban History (cl. LM-49), held by Prof. Francesco Bartolini; Moral philosophy (cl. LM-82), held by Prof. Daniela Verducci;  Social Psychology of Tourism (cl. LM-49), held by Prof. Alessandra Fermani; Human Resources in Tourism (cl. LM-49), held by Prof. Flavia Stara; Pedagogy of Art and Heritage (cl. LM-89), held by Prof. Stefano Polenta (Dept. of Educational Sciences, Heritage and Tourism, Tuesday, November 14,  2017, h. 4,00-6,00 p.m., at the 2nd or 3rd floor Boardroom)


  • 02 ottobre 2017 lesson in Siena Fryday _6 october

    The lesson on Friday, October 6 will be held in Siena. For any information :

  • 02 ottobre 2017 FRAU MUSEUM_October 28, 9. 00 AM

    October 28 at 9.00 AM: I will arrange a visit to the FRAU museum in Tolentino, via Cristoforo Colombo,  (MC). The appointment is at 9 AM  in the parking in front of the museum.