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English - language and culture

  • A.A. 2016/2017
  • CFU 9
  • Ore 54
  • Classe di laurea LM-49
Catherine Sofio / Professoressa a contratto

B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, as indicated and required by the degree course of study

Obiettivi del corso

The aim of this course is for English language students to build upon and fine-tune the four essential skills - reading, writing, listening, speaking - within the context of International Tourism. They will explore practical, professional and cultural elements related to the various sectors of tourism, with the benefit of strengthening their expertise of English communication. By focusing on the language and lexis of tourism and becoming confident in their written and spoken expression, this course will ultimately provide students with an increased competence to work internationally in the field of tourism.

Programma del corso

Professional topics covered include language of marketing and client relations in the context of tourism through role-play, emails and brochures, strengthening verbal and written communication.
Practical and logistical situations of travel itinerary, accommodation, sight-seeing, in order to develop vocabulary specific to tourism.
Design and proposals of tours - of cities, regions and cultural/artistic initiatives.
Consideration of contemporary tourism - niche, eco and cultural tourism, to be discussed and explored through case studies (including the sensitive analysis and promotion of Le Marche), as well as presentations, keeping in mind the question: what does it mean to work in tourism of today - what are the opportunities, the consequences, the inspiring exeriences?
These studies will be accompanied by a rigorous grammatical program, and text analysis in order to reinforce the B2 level and work towards C1.

Testi (A)dottati, (C)onsigliati
  • 1.  (A) (A) Jacob, Miriam e Peter Strutt. English for International Tourism: New Edition, Intermediate Level. Coursebook + DVD-ROM Harlow, (), 2013
  • 2.  (C) (C) Francesconi, Sabrina English for Tourism Promotion: Italy in British Tourism Texts Hoepli, Milano 2007, 2007
  • 3.  (C) (C) Urry, John e Jonas Larsen The Tourist Gaze 3.0. Sage, (), 2011
  • 4.  (A) R. Murphy Essential Grammar in Use Cambridge University Press, Fourth Edition, 2012
Altre informazioni / materiali aggiuntivi

Further material, such as brochures, advertisements, articles, blogs, websites, films and programs will be studied during the course, and will be introduced as appropriate to the corresponding topic.

Metodi didattici
  • -The course is exclusively taught in English and includes the following methods:
    -direct and interactive teaching with continual student participation
    - individual and group activities, such as task-based learning and role play
    -individual and group research
    - use of multi-media
    - case studies
    - presentations
Modalità di valutazione
  • Mid-term project consisting of an oral presentation, accompanied by a written text. A final written exam. The two marks will be averaged.
Lingue, oltre all'italiano, che possono essere utilizzate per l'attività didattica


Lingue, oltre all'italiano, che si intende utilizzare per la valutazione


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