• 27 aprile 2018 L11 - 2T and 3T - Lettorato inglese Handouts

    The handouts from the lettorato classes are being posted by students on the FB page "Lingue e Culture Moderne (L11)-Unimc".  Please remeber to say thanks to your colleagues!

  • 27 aprile 2018 L11 and LM37- Lettorato Inglese Exam Details

    Exam date: 22nd May 2018     Time: 90mins

    L11/2T - Read a text of approx. 550 words and write a 150-word summary

    L11/3T and LM37/1M - Reading (3 texts with questions) and Use of English (cloze, multiple choice, word formation)

  • 26 aprile 2018 LM-37 1M Lettorato Handouts

    As some of you couldn't make it to class, your colleagues kindly uploaded the handouts from the lettorato classes for you onto the FB page  LM-37 Unimc. They also brought them to Copisteria Controluce next to the faculty, "sulla via del contadino", aka via IV Novembre. Ask for the file "Lettorato inglese IM-LM-37".

  • 21 febbraio 2018 Lettorato inglese - L11 e LM37

    The lettorato for English is off to a great start this semester! Please make sure I have your email address. See you in class!

    2T - Thursday 2-4pm Aula Balzac and Friday 9-11am Aula Dante

    3T - Thursday 9-11am Aula Dostojewski and Friday 11am-1pm Aula Dante

    1M - Thursday 11am-1pm Aula Goethe and Friday 2-4pm Aula Dostojewski