Development economics - Modulo inequality

  • A.A. 2015/2016
  • CFU 4
  • Ore 40
  • Classe di laurea LM-52
Elisabetta Croci Angelini / Professoressa di ruolo - I fascia / Politica economica (SECS-P/02)
Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, della Comunicazione e delle Relazioni Internazionali


Obiettivi del corso

Inequality, once a side topic in a standard economic course, is increasingly an issue at the core of the subject. The module Inequality of the Course Development economics is meant to look at the complex links connecting economic inequality to growth and development and possibly to understand them. Students attending this module will be able to understand the difference between global and international inequality and to calculate them both employing micro data.

Programma del corso

The assessment of income inequality: methods and results.
Why the Human Development Index has been devised and what is the insight it offers.
Issues about world-wide health and education inequality and its implications on economic development.
The complex link between economic growth and income inequality.

Testi (A)dottati, (C)onsigliati
  • 1.  (A) Branko Milanovic Worlds apart Princeton University Press, Princenton and Oxford, 2005
  • 2.  (A) E. Croci Angelini Lecture notes mimeo, Macerata, 2013
Altre informazioni / materiali aggiuntivi

Lecture notes will be downloadable on the seminar webpage

Metodi didattici
  • class lectures and working groups starting in the lab and continuing autonomously towards writing the final assignment
Modalità di valutazione
  • assignment presentation at the end of the course and written exam in 2 hours with open questions
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