Elena Di Giovanni

Elena Di Giovanni

Professoressa di ruolo - II fascia / Lingua e traduzione - lingua inglese (L-LIN/12)
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  • E-mail elena.digiovanni@unimc.it
Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici - Lingue, Mediazione, Storia, Lettere, Filosofia

Elena Di Giovanni is Associate Professor of English Translation at the University of Macerata. She has a degree in Specialized Translation from the University of Bologna (Forlì) and a PhD in English for Special Purposes and Audiovisual Translation from the University of Naples Federico II and the University of Bologna.

From 2010 to 2016, she was Pro-Rector for the Development of Linguistic Competences and from 2010 to 2014 she was also Director of the Language Centre of the University of Macerata.
Since 4 November, 2016, she is President of ESIST, European Association for Studies in Screen Translation.
She is one of the founding members - and Editorial Board member - of the Journal of Audiovisual Translation (JAT).
She is winner of a Fulbright Distinguished Chair scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic year (University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).
From 2007 to 2010, she led the Italian research unit on audio description for the EU-funded project “DTV4ALL – Digital Television for All” (http://www.psp-dtv4all.org/). From 2011 to 2013, she was among the investigators of the Italian-funded PRIN project “ACT-Access Through Texts”. In 2012 and 2013, she has been the sole international investigator in the project “Translating Music”, funded in Great Britain by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, with a special focus on surtitling for operas and music accessibility for the sensory impaired (project leader: Lucile Desblache, Roehampton University, London).
Since 2007, she has been invited to lecture on audiovisual and postcolonial translation at a number of Italian universities, including Università di Roma 3, Università la Sapienza (Rome), Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM (Milan), Università di Parma, Università di Bologna, Università di Trieste, Università di Napoli Federico II, Università del Salento, Università di Bari, Università di Palermo.
Abroad, she has been invited to lecture at several universities and institutions. Among them, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, University of Leeds, UK, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain, Universitat Jaume I, Valencia, Spain, Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA, Cairo International Festival of Cinema and the Arts for Children, Egypt, Queen's University, Belfast, Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia, Artesis College, Antwerp, Belgium, Shangai International Film Festival, Shangai, China.
From 2008 to 2016 she was Visiting Lecturer at Roehampton University, London, UK, Masters' Degree in audiovisual translation.
Since 2013, she lectures on audiovisual translation and accessibility at the Venice Film Festival (Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia), within the European Parliament-funded LUX Prize for cinema (28 Times Cinema).
She has been external validator for Roehampton University, London (MA courses in audiovisual and specialized translation) and international examiner in European PhD committees at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Universidad de Sevilla and Universidad de Murcia.
In 2012-2013, she was Director of the international MA in Accessibility to Media, Arts and Culture of the University of Macerata.
In 2012-2014, she was advisor to Fondazione Carlo Molo in the implementation of the "Torino + Cultura Accessibile" project.
In 2015-2016, she was coordinator of the first Italian course on accessibility to documentaries, named "I Documentari Accessibili", organized by Torino Piemonte Film Commission, Fondazione Carlo Molo, and SubTi Access.
In 2016-2017, she was engaged in training audiovisual translators in line with the new norm UNI 11591: 2015, in collaboration with AIDAC (Associazione Italiana Adattatori e Dialoghisti Cinematografici).
For 7 years she has been special projects coordinator for SubTi Ltd and SubTi Access, London, supervising the two companies’ subtitling and accessibility-related projects throughout Europe and writing audio description and subtitling guidelines.
Since 2008, she has been actively working for the provision of access to film, television, opera, theatre and cultural spaces in Italy, with over 150 events made accessible so far.
Since 2008, she is coordinator of accessibility services for the Macerata Opera Festival, in Italy, where she leads a large team of surtitlers and audio describers, sign language guides (http://www.sferisterio.it/accessibilita). In 2017, the project brought almost 300 persons with sensory disabilities to the opera festival.
In 2016, she supported a team of colleagues at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, in implementing access services at the Antwerp Opera House, where they are now provided on a regular basis.
Since September 2017, she is coordinator of access services for Teatro Grande in Brescia, providing access to opera, ballet and concerts for persons with sensory disabilities.
She has been a translator and proofreader for the cinema, television, theatre and opera for 20 years. Among her translations are "Avatar" by James Cameron, "W" by Oliver Stone, "Roma" by Federico Fellini and the live translation of the wedding ceremony for Prince William and Kate Middleton.
She has also translated extensively for the publishing industry (De Agostini, UTET, Bompiani).
Her interests for literary and postcolonial translation date back to her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Since 2000, she has been participating in international conferences and courses and has done extensive research on translation in postcolonial settings, non-Western translation studies and translation in India and Africa.
  • L-ART/06 - Cinema, fotografia e televisione
  • L-ART/05 - Discipline dello spettacolo
  • L-LIN/02 - Didattica delle lingue moderne
  • L-LIN/11 - Lingue e letterature anglo-americane
  • L-LIN/12 - Lingua e traduzione - lingua inglese
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Audiovisual and specialized translation SH4_8: Use of language: pragmatics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, second language teaching and learning, lexicography, terminology audiovisual translation, specialized translation, reception studies in translation, translation for children, translation and ideology
Literary translation, translation in postcolonial settings, writing as translation SH5_3: Literary theory and comparative literature, literary styles literature, postcolonialism
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  • Title: Journal of Audiovisual Translation
  • Type: 10.01 Comitati di redazione di riviste
  • Keywords: accessibility,audiovisual translation,language,media,translation
  • Start year: 2018
  • Web site: http://www.jatjournal.org
  • Title: Hermeneus
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  • Start year: 2010
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PRIN (Italia), Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK), MEDIA, EU Creative Europe Programme, ANVUR research projects.

  • Project funded: The Role of Books in Non-Bibliometric Areas ROBINba
  • Type: 11.01 Progetti ministeriali
  • Competitive bid: yes
  • Keywords: bibliometric areas,book evaluation,non,research evaluation,SSH
  • Start year: 2015
  • Duration (months): 12
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  • Project funded: Corso di perfezionamento per l’insegnamento di discipline non linguistiche (DNL) in lingua straniera secondo la metodologia CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) destinato ai docenti in servizio (20 CFU) (Rif. Decreto del Direttore USR per le Marche n. 852/C12a del 22/01/2015
  • Type: 11.01 Progetti ministeriali
  • Competitive bid: yes
  • Keywords: Clil,Didattica delle lingue,Formazione docenti
  • Start year: 2015
  • Duration (months): 12
  • Web site: http://cla.unimc.it/it/corsi/progetto-clil
  • Project funded: FRED at SCHOOL
  • Type: 11.02 Progetti UE e internazionali
  • Competitive bid: yes
  • Keywords: audience development,audiovisual translation,film literacy,media accessibility,media literacy
  • Start year: 2014
  • Duration (months): 12
  • Web site: http://www.cineuropa.org/nw.aspx?t=newsdetail&l=en&did=281830
  • Project funded: CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning - Corso Linguistico Ministeriale
  • Type: 11.01 Progetti ministeriali
  • Competitive bid: yes
  • Keywords:
  • Start year: 2014
  • Duration (months): 12
  • Web site:
  • Project funded: Translating Music (finanziato nel Regno Unito dall'AHRC, Arts and Humanities Research Council).
  • Type: 11.02 Progetti UE e internazionali
  • Competitive bid: yes
  • Keywords: audio description,languages,multiculturalism,music,Translation
  • Start year: 2012
  • Duration (months): 24
  • Web site: http://translatingmusic.com
  • Project funded: ACT - Access through Text - Accessibilità mediata dai testi
  • Type: 11.01 Progetti ministeriali
  • Competitive bid:
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  • Start year: 2011
  • Duration (months): 24
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  • Project funded: FACS - Full access to cultural spaces: towards an integrated, comprehensive model for accessibility to museums and exhibitions
  • Type: 11.03 Progetti con altri soggetti e rapporti con il territorio
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  • Keywords: accessibility,Exhibitions,inclusion,Information and Communication Technology,museum
  • Start year: 2013
  • Duration (months): 18
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