Eleonora Cutrini

Eleonora Cutrini

Professore di ruolo - II fascia / Economia applicata (SECS-P/06)
  • E-mail eleonora.cutrini@unimc.it
Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza

Eleonora  Cutrini is Associate Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Macerata, where she teaches Principles of Economics, Small Business Economics at the undergraduate level and Contract Theory at the postgraduate level.

She holds a Msc, and a PhD in Economics from Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy. She has been a Marie Curie Fellow a the Sussex European Institute, UK and a visiting research scholar at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany.

Her main area of research is on regional and urban economics, spatial economics. Current research interests include the European debt crisis and related issues of international economics and finance, business cycle synchronicity and the decoupling between developed and developing countries.

She serves as referee for Journal of Economic InequalityJournal of Economic Geography, the World Economy, International Journal of Finance & Economics, Regional Studies, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Journal of Regional Science, Papers in Regional Science, Geographical Research, Economia e Politica Industriale.

She is a member of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI), the Italian Association of Regional Studies (AISRe), the Italian Society of Industrial Economics and Policy (SIEPI), the Associazione degli Economisti di Lingua Neolatina (AENL) and a member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Association for the Study of Comparative Economic Systems (AISSEC).



Journal articles

"Using entropy measures to disentangle regional from national localization patterns" Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2009

"Specialization and Concentration from a Twofold Geographical Perspective: Evidence from Europe", Regional Studies, 2010

"Moving Eastwards while Remaining Embedded: the Case of the Marche Footwear District, Italy", European Planning Studies, 2011

"I distretti tradizionali di fronte alla globalizzazione: il caso dell'industria calzaturiera marchigiana" (with Micucci G. e P. Montanaro), L'Industria, 2013

"Spatial fragmentation of industries by functions" (with Bade F.-J., Bode E.,) The Annals of Regional Science, 2015

"External public debt, trade linkages and contagion during the Eurozone crisis" (with G. Galeazzi), The World Economy, 2016, in press

Book chapters

“Accumulazione di debito e contagio nella crisi della Zona Euro”, in M. E. Bartoloni, A. Caligiuri, B. Ubertazzi (eds) L'Unione Europea e la riforma del governo economico della Zona Euro, 2013

“The Resilience of Emerging Economies During the Great Recession: Lessons Learnt from Recent Data” (with G. Galeazzi), in Handbook of Research on Financial and Banking Crisis Prediction through Early Warning SystemsAdvances in Finance, Accounting, and Economics Book Series, 2015

“International Integration and Uneven Development: An Enquiry into the Spatial Distribution of Foreign Firms in China” (with Hongbo Cai), in F. Spigarelli, L. Curran, A. Arteconi (eds), China and Europe's Partnership for a More Sustainable World, 2016

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  • SECS-P/02 - Politica economica
  • SECS-S/03 - Statistica economica
  • SECS-P/01 - Economia politica
Breve descrizione Settore ERC Parole chiave
Spatial distribution of economic activities SH1_13: International trade, economic geography Agglomeration, Spatial statistics/econometrics, Parametric and non-parametric statistical methods, Multilevel approach, Fragmentation of functions across and within national borders, Localization, Regional disparities
Information Theory and its application in economics, spatial analysis and other social sciences SH1_4: Econometrics, statistical methods Theil, Entropy (concepts and measures), Diversity, Concentration, Segregation
Divisione internazionale del lavoro SH1_13: International trade, economic geography Frammentazione internazionale della produzione, Offshoring, Outsourcing, Global Value Chain Analysis
Local economic development SH1_7: Competitiveness, innovation, research and development Endogenous development, Field studies, Industrial districts, Clusters
European economic integration and the sovereign debt crisis SH1_5: Financial markets, asset prices, international finance Contagion and debt crisis in Europe, Current account imbalances, Specialization patterns
Decoupling of emerging countries SH1_1: Macroeconomics, business cycles Decoupling, Global financial crisis, International business cycle synchronization, Emerging markets, Global financial crisis
Lingua Conoscenza
Inglese Eccellente
Francese Buono
Portoghese Buono
Aree: Americhe, Asia, Europa, Italia
Paesi: Germania, Italia, Brasile, Cina, repubblica popolare, Marocco
Titolo FDI, industrial and regional development in China
Settore ERC SH1_13: International trade, economic geography
Parole chiave Localization, Foreign capital, State and Provincial policies
Gruppo di lavoro Hongbo Cai (Beijing Normal University), Eleonora Cutrini (Università degli studi di Macerata)
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