Mid-term test - 15th Nov. 2019

The mid-term test will be held in the room F, on the II Floor of the building located in Piazza Strambi, n.1.

Once there, you are invited to wait outside the room. The commission will prepare the room and call attendees 5 by 5.

You will find the test on the student desk. You are not allowed to read (or peek!) the content before the official START shown on the whiteboard.

At the end of the exam (indicated on the whiteboard) you MUST turn upside down the paper and move it on your right.

Warning! Use the pen in providing your answers. Any tests fulfilled using pencil won't be corrected.

These follow are the good behavior conducts MUST be respected for the entire duration of the test:

  • The consultation of any kind of legal sources (or other study materials) is not permitted.
  • Is NOT allowed to talk/consult each other.
  • Nor even allowed the use of mobile phone and in general any high tech device (you are invited to leave them in your closed bags and/or backpacks, left a part from your sit). Whoever will be surprised to use in any way devices, will be excluded from the test without any hesitation.

Remember that: All proposed questions admit only ONE correct answer. In case one question admits more than one correct answer the commission will promptly notice you.

Good luck to everyone! :)

14 novembre 2019