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Francesca Raffi

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Francesca Raffi holds a Ph.D. in English for Special Purposes from the University of Napoli Federico II. In her thesis, she analysed the Italian cinema distributed and re-translated in the UK from a diachronic and historical perspective. Her main research interests include audiovisual translation (mainly from a diachronic and historical perspective), and accessibility to media, arts and culture.

She is currently research team member of the INRESET (INterdisciplinary RESearch with Eye Tracking technologies) research group, a research unit within CEIDIM ( We use Tobii eye tracking technologies of different types: fixed equipment to fit different types of screen and eye tracking glasses for the exploration of many types of environments. We share our research with Tobii and SRLabs, Tobii's Italian partner company. Our latest projects: "Mapping Dynamic Environment at Museo del Cinema in Turin (2016)"; "Evaluating and Enhancing Museum Fruition at Palazzo Buonaccorsi in Macerata (2017)".

She is currently working as lecturer in the English Language Course for Italian Teachers (Corso di Formazione per lo Sviluppo delle Competenze Linguistiche), organised by Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (University of Macerata). Since 2015, she has also been working as fixed-term lecturer in English Language and Translation at the University of Macerata (Department of Humanities; Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism).

Since 2014, she is member of ESIST (European Association for the study of Screen Translation), IATIS (International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies), SUBTLE (The Subtitlers' Association), EST (European Society for Translation Studies), and AIA (Associazione Italiana di Anglistica).

Since 2011, she has been working in the accessibility team (surtitles, audio descriptions, tactile tours) of the Macerata Opera Festival (Sferisterio, Macerata) and since 2017, she also works in the accessibility team of Teatro Grande (Brescia), making opera, ballet, and concerts accessible for persons with sensory disabilities. Since 2009, she is translator and interpreter for different sectors, working for EUM (Edizioni Università di Macerata), Macerata Opera Festival, Donizetti Theatre, KUM Festival directed by Massimo Recalcati, and SubTi Ltd, among others.

In June 2017, she was visiting junior scholar at the Department of Translation Studies at Constantine the Philosopher University (Nitra, Slovakia), where she led two workshops on audio description for opera theatre. In November 2017, she led a workshop on audio description at Apulia Film Commision (Bari) within the “Accessibility, Audience Development e Audiovisual Literacy” project carried out by Apulia Film Commision in partnership with the University of Bari.

In 2016 and 2017, she worked as lecturer in English for Academic Purposes for Ph.D. students at the University of Macerata. In 2016, she also worked as lecturer in interlingual subtitling in the first Italian course on accessibility to documentaries, "I Documentari Accessibili" (Torino Piemonte Film Commission, Fondazione Carlo Molo, and SubTi Access). From 2014 to 2016, she was research team member of FACS (Full Access to Cultural Spaces) project (2014-2016) at the University of Macerata, and teaching assistant in Multimedia Translation, Liaison and Consecutive Interpreting at the Department of Humanities, University of Macerata.

From June to July 2015, she was visiting junior researcher at the British Film Institute (London), where she carried out independent research for her PhD thesis, and in 2014 she was visiting Ph.D student at Roehampton University (London, UK) Masters' Degree in Audiovisual Translation. She gave research seminars to Italian postgraduate students, and took part in the activities of the Centre for Research in Translation and Transcultural Studies.

In 2015, she worked as lecturer in the English Language Course for Italian Teachers (Corso di Formazione per lo Sviluppo delle Competenze Linguisticheand in 2014 as lecturer in the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) course at the University of Macerata.

From 2013 to 2012, she worked as project manager on the “TRI” (Translation, Revision, Interpreting) translation project at the Language Centre of the University of Macerata. In 2012, she worked as trainer in the first-level International Master's programme in Accessibility to Media, Arts and Culture (University of Macerata).

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