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Exams of the summer session

Following directives provided by the University concerning the handling of the s.c. phase 2 of the COVID-19 ephydemiological emergency ( the exams of the summer session will be held on-line, subject to further notice.

In consideration of the difficulty of holding a written proof at a distance, on-line exams will exceptionally be oral only.

Students shall register for the exams in the usual way (by the platform).

In order to sit for the exams, students shall connect on the day and time of the exams to the Aula Teams of the lecturer, available at the following link:

Should the above link not work, the Aula Teams of the lecturer may be reached by clicking on the banner "Vai all'elenco delle AULE TEAMS dei docenti" at the top of the webpage and scrolling down the alphabetical list of all lecturers by surname (Marongiu Buonaiuti).

Students must ensure to have with them their "Libretto universitario", of which they will show to the lecturer the page bearing their photo, surname, name and "matricola" at the beginning of the exam. They shall keep their microphone and camera on for the entire duration of the exam. In order to ensure the required publicity of the examinations session, they shall remain connected also during the exams of their colleagues.

Registration of the results will take place through the on-line system only, due to the self-evident impossibility of signing the "Libretto universitario".

12 maggio 2020