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Galina Bakhtiarova, Ph.D., Visiting Professor

Western Connecticut State University


Office Hours: Tuesday 11:00-11-30




SURREALISM IN SPAIN AND THE AMERICAS                                                                                       3CFU

The seminar is approved for:

"International Tourism and Destination Management" (classe LM-49) "Management dei beni culturali" (classe LM-89) "Beni culturali e turismo" (classe L-1&L-15)

Tuesday, 9:00-11:00 am,




This seminar will offer an exploration of works by writers, artists and intellectuals from the Spanish-speaking world who associated themselves with the twentieth century rebellious art movement known as Surrealism. We will study a diverse body of texts that include literary manifestos, essays, film and works of visual arts, theater productions, opera, biography and autobiography. A special emphasis will be placed on an often-overlooked subject of women’s participation and creative oeuvre. Students will improve their analytical abilities, critical approach to a variety of artistic productions, as well as their writing and speaking skills in English.


During this course or at completion the student will:

  • Demonstrate an increased oral proficiency in English for academic purposes through continuous participation in discussions and presentations.
  • Demonstrate an increased range of vocabulary in English.
  • Demonstrate a writing proficiency for academic purposes in English through a final research paper.
  • Develop research skills and abilities.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of literary texts and works of art that have influenced world cultures.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of stylistically diverse texts, such as scholarly article, essays, autobiographic prose, film, opera, and poetry. 

Assessment Plan:


Participation                                                                           40%


Written reactions to readings/assignments                          20%


Oral presentations                                                                20%


Final paper/project                                                               20%


Students are expected to submit a commentary/opinion (about 300 words) in writing about the texts/ assignments that are assigned for each class. The purpose of these commentaries is to prepare students to write their final paper and facilitate weekly class discussions.


Oral presentations and final paper will be evaluated with rubrics to assess 1) linguistic accuracy; 2) intercultural competence; and 3) course topic content. The final individual project requires an additional research assignment with a 2,000 word (minimum) written essay. The assessment will focus on critical thinking and the students’ ability to recognize, analyze, critique, synthesize, and apply arguments to the course topic content.

Grading and Evaluation:

Pass/Fail. In order to pass the seminar, students should achieve 70% of the grade.

Participation and Attendance Policy:


Per UNIMC policy, the format of the seminar requires students to sign an attendance sheet at every class meeting.

Regular attendance and active participation are crucial to achievement and to the development of competence in a language class that focuses on language skills and critical thinking. In all language classrooms, there is a high degree of diversity of learning styles, motivation, interest, and ability. To perform to your maximum potential, you should actively participate in all class activities, assignments, discussions, etc.

Absences and late arrivals affect your participation points. Arriving on time and prepared for class with a positive attitude and respect for the ideas and opinions of other class members positively affects the participation grade.

You will evaluate your participation on a Participation Sheet based on the rubric below and will turn it in to your instructor at the end of each class. Your instructor will comment and return it to you the following week. It is crucial to take good care of this document as it is the only way to trace your participation that constitutes 30% of your grade.


At the end of each class, fill in the number of points per day (max of 5) that your class participation merits, and hand this sheet to your instructor. I will review and sign it. Please take good care of this tool: failing to turn in, misplacing or losing your participation sheet means that you will be missing 30% of your grade. Your attention during class discussions is extremely important.

Please read the criteria below attentively and evaluate your participation honestly.

5 points Arrives prepared for class. Greets instructor and other students in English. Participates actively in ALL activities and speaks at least three times in every class. Only speaks English during class. Listens  attentively to instructor and other students. Asks questions about concepts that the student doesn’t understand well.

4 points Arrives prepared for class. Usually greets other people in English. Usually uses English during class. Usually listens attentively to instructor and other students.  Speaks at least two times during class. Usually asks questions about concepts that the student doesn’t understand well.

3 points Arrives late, but no later than 5 minutes after class starts. Occasionally greets other people in English. Occasionally uses English during class. Occasionally listens attentively to instructor and other students. Occasionally asks questions about concepts that the student doesn’t understand well.

0 points Arrives more than 5 minutes late.  Rarely greets other people in English. Rarely uses English during class. Rarely listens attentively to instructor and other students. Rarely asks questions about concepts that the student doesn’t understand well. Works on homework for other classes. Uses phone, text-messages during class. Etc. Absent (excused or unexcused).

Resources and Texts:

A packet of readings selected by instructor and available in PDF format.

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