PF24_CLIL - info about exam

The exam will be written only, and lasts 2 hours.

The first part tests your knowledge of CLIL and language teaching methodology, including quite a lot of *terminology* - please make sure you download all the materials that I have uploaded to the PF24 folder on my 'Lingua e traduzione II/M page". This section is *not* a normal multiple-choice quiz - instead, there are a range of 'match', 'complete' and 'fill-in' exercises, plus a crossword (no, I'm not joking!).

In the second part, you will have to write a short answer to two of four suggested essay titles. By 'short' answer, I mean no more than half a page. one of those answers must be written in English; the other in Italian.

As well as the handouts, please make sure to read the article on the history of English Language Teaching (Howatt & Smith 2014), the European Commission report on CLIL and CALL, and the CLIL for History lesson plan - all are indicated on the 'programma' for the module.

19 aprile 2018