Renata Morresi

Renata Morresi

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Renata Morresi has received the title of Associate Professor, sector L/LIN11 (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale 2012), after a PhD in Comparative Literature (2004) and a post-doctoral grant in Transnational American Literature (2009). She has received teaching appointments concerning English and Anglo-American Studies at the University of Macerata and at the University of Padua. Morresi is also a licensed teacher of English in Italian secondary schools (TFA 2011-12).

Morresi's research focuses on the study of cross-cultural themes and questions arising from encounters across different languages. She has written on several authors, such as the modernists Nancy Cunard, Claude McKay, and Zora Neale Hurston, and the 'postmodernists' Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, and Annie Abrahams, and on transnational and intercultural themes, such as transatlantic modernism and little magazines, African American studies, poetry and polilinguism, multicultural children's literature, e-poetry. Her first critical book is about the “living network”, “agent provocateur” and activist against racism Nancy Cunard: Nancy Cunard: America, modernismo, negritudine (Quattroventi, Urbino, 2007). Her essays are included in a number of volumes, among which: "On Django Unchained and Other Humorous, Multidirectional, Unconventional Memories of Slavery", Translatlantic Memories of Slavery: Reimagining the Past, Changing the Future, edited by Elisa Bordin and Anna Scacchi, Cambria 2015; "Winx, Orzowei, Pik e altre rappresentazioni della razza. Una prospettiva comparata sui libri per l'infanzia in Italia", La realtà transnazionale della razza. Dinamiche di razzializzazione in prospettiva comparata, a cura di Tatiana Petrovich Njegosh. Iperstoria VI, 2015; "Verbal Disengagements: Translating Language Games in Annie Abrahams's Separation/Séparation", Translating E-Literature = Traduire la littérature numérique, ed. by Agnaud Regnaul and Yves Abrioux; “Borders, pachangas and Chicano children's picture books.” Space and place in children's literature, 1789 to the present, edited by H. Field, M. Cecire. K. Mudan and M. Roy, Ashgate, 2015; “Black Man and White Ladyship (1931): a manifesto”. Recharting the Black Atlantic: Modern Cultures, Local Communities, Global Connections, edited by A. Oboe and A. Scacchi, Routledge, 2009; “Racial Shaking, Modernist Networks and Circum-Atlantic Frictions in the Correspondence of Claude McKay and Nancy Cunard (1931-1933)”. Modernist Women, Race, Nation, edited by G. Covi, Mango, London, 2005.

She has recently collaborated with Mauro Carassai and Gianluca Nicolini in a critical and creative work presented at the E-Poetry Conference 2013, Kingston-University, London, June 17-20, 2013: “Press to Close: Encoding the 'touch of disaster' Experience”, a digital work in stand-alone format.

In 2007-2009 Morresi contributed to the EU-funded project “Travelling Concepts in Feminist Pedagogy: European Perspectives”, originated under the umbrella of Athena, a Socrates Thematic Network Project on Women and Gender Studies. In the years 2000-2004 she participated in the international project “Networking Women. Subject, Places, Links, Europe-America, 1890-1939”, focused on the relationship between modernism, feminism and women's cultural production, funded by the M.U.R.S.T. (Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca Scientifica) and involving the Universities of Macerata, Florence, Rome III, Pisa, Trento, Bari (Italy) and Durham (UK). In 2003 Morresi was the recipient of a grant from the EAAS (European Association of American Studies) and, thanks to it, a visiting scholar at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin, and at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York.

Morresi has been the first to translate Rachel Blau DuPlessis's poems into Italian, editing two volumes of her drafts: Dieci bozze (Vydia, 2012), which won the Achille Marazza Prize for poetry in translation in 2014, and Bozza 111: Arte povera (Arcipelago, 2013). In 2015 she received the "Premio Nazionale per la Traduzione", bestowed by the Italian Ministero dei Beni, delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo.

Morresi's own poetry often deals with the opaque relationship between the singular and the many. Among her collections of poetry: Cuore comune (Ancona: peQuod, 2010), Bagnanti (Roma: Perrone, 2013), La signora W. (Roma: La camera verde, 2013). Poems have been collected in various print and online anthologies, including in English at IEPI, 5 poems, and in Or (Fall 2009, 16), the sequence Letters to and”. In Italian her poems have also appeared in reviews and anthologies, among which: Il Caffè Illustrato, Alfabeta2, Trivio, Semicerchio, Registro di poesia #4, edited by G. Alfano, d’if, Napoli, 2011, Calpestare l’oblio, edited by D. Nota e F. Orecchini, La Gru, 2010, Locandine d’artista, edited by A. Semerano, La camera verde, Roma, 2009, Registro di poesia #2, edited by G. Frasca, d’if, Napoli, 2009, Nostro Lunedì edited by F. Scarabicchi, n. 10, 2008, Nodo sottile 4, edited by V. Biagini e A. Sirotti, Crocetti, Milano, 2004. She is also involved in the organization of poetry readings and performances. She collaborates in the lit-blogs Nazione Indiana <> and Punto critico. <>.

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