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International contract law and investors law

  • A.A. 2018/2019
  • CFU 12
  • Ore 80
  • Classe di laurea LM-77
Tommaso Febbrajo / Professore di ruolo - II fascia / Diritto privato (IUS/01)
Dipartimento di Economia e Diritto

Basics of Civil and commercial law

Obiettivi del corso

To handle legal instruments of the bargaining that takes place in the global market.
The student is thus able to work professionally in the field of international trade and the international organizations of business and non-profit.

Programma del corso

Both for attending and not attending students, the course covers letters of intent; recitals in international contracts; interpretation clauses; best efforts, reasonable care, due diligence, and general trade standards in international contracts; confidentiality clauses in international contracts; penalty clauses; limitation of liability and exemption clauses; force majure clauses; hardship clauses; "English clauses," most-favored customer clauses, and first-refusal clauses; assignment clauses; termination clauses; and post-contractual obligations in international contracts. Sales of goods, Agency and distribution. Investor protection; Mifid I; Mifid II; Contractual remedies; Individual and collective redress.

Altre informazioni / materiali aggiuntivi

Attending students: educational materials will be provided during the course.
Non attending students: they have to contact the teacher to recive the educational materials

Metodi didattici
  • Lectures and discussion of case studies
Modalità di valutazione
  • The final examination will be written. The student will be tested in-depth on subject matter related to the program
Lingue, oltre all'italiano, che possono essere utilizzate per l'attività didattica


Lingue, oltre all'italiano, che si intende utilizzare per la valutazione